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04.04.2014 | News

Modra Špilja (Blue Cave) - discover the island of Vis

The Cave has been described by Ransonet and is located in Balun Bay 
on the eastern part of the island of Biševo. It has been open to the public since 1884 when the external entrance was cut into the cave and through which the cave can be reached by means of a small rowing boat. When the sea is calm and the day is sunny, reflected sun rays pass through the undersea entrance to the cave and create a fascinating blueness, whilst an immersed object on the sea's surface adopts silverfish sheen.

Stiniva Bay - discover the island of Vis

Looking from the sea side, Stiniva is enclosed by two high rocky cliffs 
which, in their closest point, are just four metres from each other. Between them is a pebble beach but only after sailing through the 'gateway' does it open like a Roman amphitheatre auditorium paved with stones.

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